At our January meeting, Stuart Woolger related the tale of his trip along the TransAmerica Trail, cycling 4350 miles from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon. The Trail is an established and signposted route albeit that it takes about 75 days to complete. Along the way, Stuart met cyclists from many other countries including a 78-year old couple completing it on a tandem. He also encountered a few snakes, some aggressive dogs, low flying osprey and a grizzly bear. Stuart carried all his own kit on his Thorn Nomad bicycle including camping equipment, although he was pleased to discover that many towns along the Trail had made arrangements for transient cyclists, allowing him to sleep in such places as a fire station, a closed leisure centre and a converted gaol. The trip proved to be an effective diet as, despite enthusiastically embracing American cuisine, Stuart lost 40lbs in weight. If you want to emulate him, get along to Halfords now!