A big audience attended the Manor Pavilion for our annual joint lecture with the Sid Vale Association in memory of former Chairman and President Bob Symes. They were treated to a whirlwind overview of 500 million years in the geology of Sidmouth by Dr Roger Trend. Whilst those without an advanced degree in paleontology might have struggled with the detail, Roger’s presentation kept the level light enough for us all to derive many fascinating insights into what has shaped the location and development of the town.
Did you know that Sidmouth has spent time near the South Pole and also a long period near the Equator before reaching its current position? Did you know that the cliff at Chit Rocks indicates that there must have been an earthquake in Sidmouth at some time? And do you know how longshore drift has influenced the tendency of the River Sid to flood and exactly how it floods? All these issues were covered in a light-hearted but technically rigorous style, leaving our heads buzzing as we staggered off for a cup of tea. Those of us with cars in the town car parks were grateful for reassurance that the flood barriers in Millford Road work!