The centre’s April AGM was preceded with a talk by Harvey Edgington, Head of NT Filming and Locations. His role provides a single contact point with the NT for the film industry and TV programme makers, a major undertaking with his team involved often with three different crews each day somewhere in a NT property or on NT land.  Harvey explained how all this accrues benefits: through the fees paid by the programme makers; through increased visitor numbers from the venues’ exposure; and through increased income into the area both from the crews on location and additional visitors. However, all these benefits must be carefully balanced against what can be managed by his team, the gains and losses in closing venues during filming and the conservation aspects of what the programme makers want. Typically this means removing all furniture and carpets, protecting all floors and columns, blacking out interiors for controlled lighting, plus protection of tapestries and soft furnishings from lighting.

Many NT properties have been seen and many credited in high profile films. In 2016 alone this included Pride and Prejudice, The Other Boleyn Girl, Alice in Wonderland, Wolf Hall, Poldark and Game of Thrones but Harvey explained his team were increasingly involved with factual TV productions which sell across the world. This was particularly important in PR value bringing the NT locations to new audiences.